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場地介紹 : 瓶蓋工廠台北製造所 



請洽popoptaipei@gisgroup.com或來電02-27859900 EXT.106

This 80-year-old infrastructure has unveiled its new face in 2020. Numerous exhibitions and events are expected to take place at POPOP Taipei while leaving even more memories there. Located near Nangang Station, POPOP Taipei is an excellent connection hub for communities. The historical site offers indoor and outdoor space, perfect for meetings, exhibitions, seminars, workshops, musical performances, and many more. After a series of delicate refurbishments, POPOP Taipei is now an inspiring site for all to learn. Surrounded by the core “maker, innovation, and MICE,” visitors get to explore our maker space, digital manufacturing zone, co-working space, and multi-functional space. Transiting its manufacturing history to the brand new hand-making culture, POPOP Taipei is a showroom for makers and an idea gallery for neighboring communities to discover new inspirations.

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