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At Andros, we all share the same passion to act locally, to create moments where the joy of eating goes hand in hand with wellbeing and naturalness.

A leader in the fruit industry in Europe, we are a French, multi-local, family company, specialist in fruit, plant-based ingredients and gourmet dairy products, anchored in a foundation of strong values, guaranteeing quality, simplicity, innovation, and mutual respect.

From the living raw material that is the fruit, we thrive to preserve the naturality, magnify the taste, adapt our products to consumers tastes and professionals needs


重點產品|Highlight Products

我們的專業食材得益於 Andros 集團的堅強實力、我們遍及全球的專業技能及遍佈各地的足跡,接替餐飲專業人士提供最佳的天然水果解決方案。我們亦可根據您的需求為您量身定制解決方案

Our professional ingredients offer benefits from the strength of Andros group, our global know-how and capacity as well as multi-local footprint to offer the best natural fruit solutions to professionals. We also develop tailor made solutions to your specific briefs.

 Andros Professional



A unique variety of flavors and wide choice of formats to support various applications, with high fruit percentage.

Bonne Maman

LOGO BONNE MAMAN capsule.png

品牌的其中一大特色 "Bonne Maman"

高品質的產品採用精心挑選的天然原料,以傳統工藝製作,創造出令人難忘的 Bonne Maman 風味。

Also featured at the fair, Bonne Maman, our iconic jam brand. High quality products, made from carefully selected natural ingredients and prepared with traditional know-how to create the memorable taste of Bonne Maman.

Andros Chef


100% 純天然產品,不含色素和香料,法國製造。

100% Natural products with no coloring nor flavoring, our made in France range.

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