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Taiwan Farm Industry Co., Ltd.




Established in 1967, Taiwan Farm Industry Co., Ltd. (T-HAM) is a leading pioneer of Taiwan meat industry. T-HAM has over 55 years of experience in butchery and meat processing, and have successfully expanded our expertise in meat products importing & exporting in the recent decades.

Taiwan Farm Industry Co., Ltd. is one of the top food importers and distribution agents in Taiwan. We are committed to select and supply the most premium brands and highest quality products around the world including Iberico pork, Iberico ham,bayonne ham, France dessert, Japanese Wagyu beef, iNoodle and many more.

We at T-HAM are committed to continuing our founder, Mr. Chang Feng-Hsu’s legacy by providing passionate and unconditional care to our land and communities. Our mission is to supply high quality, safe and trustworthy products and services to our clients and friends. Stringent quality control standards, constant equipment upgrading and continuous R&D investment are strictly enforced in all T-HAM operating procedures.

重點產品 | highlight products

  • Tipiak 法國馬卡龍

  • 夢幻馬卡龍-橘盒:覆盆子、桃子奶油、檸檬柚子、開心果、濃郁巧克力及藍莓

  • 夢幻馬卡龍-藍盒: 覆盆子、血橙、檸檬、開心果、白巧克力及藍莓

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