Source de la Sasse 帶給您來自法國梅傑夫地區、阿爾貝斯山最頂端、品質非凡的山泉水。流泉從喬利山海拔1740米處的頁岩中升起,是歐洲最高的泉水。由於其地理位置,裝瓶只能在夏季進行,這也是造就其特殊稀有的原因之一,最後以細緻雕刻的水瓶來保存泉源最純淨與最真實的味道給世界。

Source de la Sasse brings you a mountain spring water of exceptional quality from the highest bottling point in the French Alps.
The artesian spring rises from the shale rock of the Mont Joly at 1740 meters, making it the highest spring in Europe. Due to its geographical location, bottling can only take place during the summer months, which is another reason for this special rarity. With the fine sculptured water bottles to preserve the purest and the most authentic taste from the source to the world.

產品 | Product

  • Source de La Sasse 山泉水 74cl