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Paysan Breton 位於法國西北部的布列塔尼及盧瓦爾河地區,專注乳製品的製作生產於超過50年。提倡以單純的食材清單和平易近人的食譜,將法國最道地的風味融入消費者的生活日常。
Paysan Breton 作為法國市場上最受歡迎的乳製品品牌之一,是海外市場的卓越選擇,外銷超過全球 110 多個國家。

For over 50 years, Paysan Breton has been committed to promoting the local economy in Brittany and Pays de la Loire, both in terms of dairy production and the products it manufactures. We advocate short ingredient lists and simple recipes, bringing authentic flavours to our customers' daily lives. Our products are healthy, tasty and help protect the welfare of our farmers, their cows and the environment.

Paysan Breton is one of the most preferred dairy brand on the French market and is a choice of excellence in overseas market with an exposure of more than 110 countries in the world.

Our main range consists in milk, UHT cream, butter, yoghurt, soft and hard cheeses and many other products.

重點產品 | highlight products

  • Unsalted Microbutter 無鹽奶油 10g

  • UHT Cream 35% 高溫殺菌鮮奶油 50cl

  • Brie 布里乾酪 1kg

  • Unsalted Churned Butter 無鹽奶油 250g

  • Madame Loik Nature 露伊克夫人起司150g

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