由元寶食品代理,Isigny Sainte-Mère是兩個乳製品合作社的聯盟,創立於1932年,收集Isigny地區優質乳品製造奶油、鮮奶油、乳酪等乳製品。產區位於維爾河與英吉利海峽交界處,風土孕育出優質牧草,讓牛兒更加健康,讓依思尼奶油呈現金黃的顏色,並含有特殊的榛果風味及濃郁的奶香,是獨一無二的頂級奶油!

Distributed by Treasure Food in Taiwan, Isigny Sainte-Mère is the combines the resources of two complementary dairy cooperatives and was created in 1932. Isigny Sainte-Mère produces the butters, creams, and cheeses with great milk collected in the Isigny region. Thanks to the salty seawater of the Channel, combined with fresh water from the Cotentin peninsula and the Bessin marshes, the region’s climate is mild and damp. The cows which graze these pastures are eating grass which makes their milk rich in mineral salts and trace elements. And this high quality milk allows Isigny Sainte-Mère to produce exceptionally fine butter!

熱銷產品 | Bestsellers

  • 依思尼mimolette 米莫雷乳酪

  • 依思尼brie 布里乳酪

  • Caramels d'Isigny 海鹽焦糖丁

  • Caramels d'Isigny 焦糖抹醬/焦糖軟糖