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Gourmet's Partner
​​聯 馥 食 品 


Gourmet's Partner is a company specializing in exquisite fine cuisine and pastry industry, providing various product selections mainly from Europe, but also from USA, Canada, Australia and Japan with brand recognition and truly quality assurance. You can learn our product category from "Dairy"(butter, cream, cheese), "Perishable ingredients"(fresh mushrooms, oysters, meat),"Pastry ingredients"(chocolate, frozen fruit puree and IQF fruits), "Grocery"(pasta, tomato sauce, olive oil, dried mushroom and Balsamic vinegar, "Classic European fine food"(Iberian pork and ham, caviar, truffles, foie gras and fleur de sel, Every single product we carried and presented has been selected among the best in their category.

代理品牌|Distributed Brands

  • 總統牌乳製品 Président

  • 可可巴芮巧克力 Cacao Barry

  • 保虹冷凍果泥/果粒 Les vergers Boiron

  • 鸚鵡牌蔗糖 La perruche