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Européenne de Condiments 的傳統職人精神自1816年以來代代相傳,是超過200年的芥末製造專家。身為法國第二大芥末製造商,Européenne de Condiments每年生產約2萬6千噸的芥末,於超過65個國家販售。

我們的公司承諾 :

- 堅持遵循祖傳食譜,選用咖啡芥末籽以石磨研製而成

- 藉由經認證的品管系統確保產品的品質與安全

- 提供消費者從生產過程到餐桌的完整產品追溯性

- 帶給客人領先業界的產品專精

Expert mustard maker for over 200 years. From generation to generation since 1816, the know-how of the artisan mustard maker has become that of the Européenne de Condiments. With 26,000 tonnes produced per year, EdC is the 2nd largest French mustard producer. L'Européenne de Condiments mustards are sold in more than 45 countries.

Every day, the company is committed to :

- Producing mustard in accordance with the original recipes, using stone-ground brown mustard seeds

- Guarantee the quality and safety of its products through a certified quality system.

- To ensure its consumers complete traceability of its mustards from production to consumption.

- To make its know-how and market expertise available to its customers

重點產品|highlight products

  • Dijon Mustard 第戎芥末醬

  • Wholegrain Mustard 芥末籽醬

  • Honey Mustard 蜂蜜芥末醬

  • Organic Dijon Mustard 有機第戎芥末醬

  • Organic Wholegrain Mustard 有機芥末籽醬

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