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​​達 麒 企 業

Miaolin Foods Co is eager to work along with professional chefs, occupying an important position in the market, Miaolin still maintains the leading technology and professional spirits, believing in choosing top quality materials, good technique and fine equipment, which creates a strong back-up.
We believe that good materials is the foundation of quality eating. Aspiring to combine decades of experiences in bread-making industry and catering business, we provide latest updates and promote new proposals in this field; in order to create a better catering era.

達麒企業有限公司於1984年成立,長期進出口國內外水資源相關工廠零組件,於2017年跨足開發食品產業相關產品線,新創立網購零售平台『BEAUCOUP 食材寶庫』與台灣認證工廠共同行銷『金蟲雪耳』、『銀耳福圓』、『御用雲耳』,及『金銀圓滿禮合組』產品系列。達麒於2017年開始與法國 SAINT GÉRON 合作,引進聖漾綠水天然氣泡礦泉水系列產品,獨家代理『聖漾綠水』系列產品:『SAINT GÉRON 法國天然氣泡礦泉水』 . 來自法國稀有且獨特的天然氣泡礦泉水源,與大部分市售氣泡水不同,pH=6 的中性水質,且優良平衡礦物值高達1128mg/l ,獨特的氣泡口感綿密以及高含量的天然礦物質,從湧泉出來就有的天然氣泡又與一般人工添加的氣泡分子和健康成份有極大的差異,於2018年更是榮獲巴黎AVPA美食水金牌獎。


Fartech M & E Co., Ltd established in 1984, is continously devoting in the WATER related international trading business. Followed by the business development, Fartech opened up the F&B product line, includes exporting Taiwan Traditional Woodear Drink and importing SAINT GÉRON Eau Minérale Naturellement Gazeuse. 

The uniqueness and rarity source of natural sparkling mineral water, SAINT GÉRON, the elegance of fine bubbles with natural gasification and very balanced minerals, with PH=6 and a well balanced minerality 1128mg/l. Additionally, honored of winning the GOLD Medal at the 2018 AVPA International Sparkling Water Competition in Paris.

Fartech keeps extending the product lines and also built up the show room in Taoyuan City in 2021. The studio demonstrates the products by creative events and bring the ideas of the usages with different gourmets, presenting the better life style and healthy food for eating selections.

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  • 聖漾綠水法國全天然氣泡礦泉水​ 375ML / 750ML