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ducs de GASCOGNE

自1953年起,Ducs de Gascogne專門生產鵝肝醬與法國西南部特產,以法國工藝獨門秘製,無添加物、無防腐劑、無色素,以令人驚艷味道和廣泛的產品選擇而深受大眾愛戴。
創新的品牌精神 : 受到傳統食譜和料理潮流的啟發,定期推出創意新產品。
美食禮物籃專家Ducs de Gascogne,搭配每年推出的多樣化原創產品,極具特色的禮物籃非常適合商店、宴會與節慶送禮等場合。
致力於將法國美食文化的專業技術推廣到全世界,首要品牌Ducs de Gascogne專攻與精緻食品香料店合作關係和副牌Jean de Veyrac主攻大眾市場。

Since 1953, Ducs de Gascogne is a manufacturer of whole foie gras, bloc of foie gras and specialties from the Southwest of France. Our products are premium quality with IGP label and exclusively made in France under the sign of craft industry. There is no additives no preservatives or added colors. They are appreciated also for their taste, long shelf-life , food safety (IFS) and width of the range (300 references meat /fish/vegetables/sweets).

Innovation is also one of the main points of our activity: inspired by traditional recipes and culinary trends, the company creates new recipes every year.

Ducs de Gascogne is also the specialist of gastronomic gift hampers, with a large and original collection, renewed every year. Our gift hampers are best suited for shops, works councils or corporate gifts.

The company is committed to promoting the know-how and products of our country, famous for its gastronomy. We are present  in more than 50 countries.

We have a premium brand Ducs de Gascogne dedicated to delicatessen shops and a second brand Jean de Veyrac dedicated to mass market.

產品系列 | Products

  • 醬糜禮物籃 Hampers ducs de gascogne

  • 肉糜 Meat terrines ducs de gascogne

  • 蔬菜抹醬泥

       Vegtables spreads ducs de gascogne

  • 鵝肝醬 Ducs de gascogne

  • 魚醬糜 Fish terrines ducs de gascogne