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Miaolin Foods Co is eager to work along with professional chefs, occupying an important position in the market, Miaolin still maintains the leading technology and professional spirits, believing in choosing top quality materials, good technique and fine equipment, which creates a strong back-up.
We believe that good materials is the foundation of quality eating. Aspiring to combine decades of experiences in bread-making industry and catering business, we provide latest updates and promote new proposals in this field; in order to create a better catering era.



At DISCOVERER, we believe the natural or organic ingredient, artisan spirit, regional specialty and cultural richness are the secret recipe for original, premium quality products.     
We focus on Taiwanese market, emphasizing on European quality, regional specialty and the culture and environment that make it possible. We help our retail customers better discover European regional products and brands and connect with the producers, the regions and the culture. Also, we help our business clients, hotels, restaurants, bakery shops, better serve their customers with surprise, premium quality and beautiful living style. We currently represents 15+ brands, including food, frangrance, and cleaning products.

Our business strength includes the local relationships with the gastronomy industry, including chef, producers and artisans. Contact us to discover the Original and Regional products that Europe can best offer!

重點產品|highlight products

  • Binet 1660 主廚鹽之花​

  • Moulin de la Veyssière 職人堅果油

  • Patrick Font 精品果汁

  • Confiture Parisienne 巴黎職人果醬

  • Comptoir du Cacao 精緻美學巧克力

  • Chic des Plantes 茶杯裡的小花園

  • ​Favrichon 菲芙頌脆麥片

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