Creation food
​​開 元 食 品

「開元食品」創立於 1982 年,以極具創新且劃時代的「戀 ‧ 奶精球」產品引領市 場打響品牌知名度,開元食品深耕餐飲市場 40 年,專注於食品原料、餐飲應用 和創新研發、國際品牌代理、餐飲專業設備等服務,榮獲 ISO9001、ISO22000 與 HACCP 國際品質與食品安全管理認證肯定,是餐飲與食品產業最佳的專業合作夥 伴。開元食品持續求新求變、與時俱進,帶動飲食文化新「食」尚,希望為客戶、 產業、消費者提供更美好的創新餐飲體驗。

Creation Food was established in 1982, innovating “Lian coffee creamer” which has been embraced by the market. Throughout the company’s development for 40 years, it shines in developing food materials, catering application, international brand importing and professional service facilities, etc. The company takes food safety very seriously and obtained the HACCP, ISO9001, and ISO22000 certifications. Nowadays, Creation Food continues to innovate, in order to meet the need of sophisticated customers, bringing food fashion alive by creating best experiences of catering service for our customers, food industry and end-users.

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