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Albert Ménès

Albert Ménès 是法國美食和全球特色產品的象徵,為生活帶來法國美食的專業知識,讓所有美食愛好者都可以享受日常生活中的特殊事物。400多種美食系列產品,由高品質的材料製成,每一道都經過精心挑選,並遵循傳統方法,其中果醬和香料是明星產品。

Albert Ménès is the leader of the delicatessen products sold in French supermarkets while becoming a reference regarding the French gastronomy abroad. The products categories will keep be positioned on the high-end segment of delicatessen products through a catalog of 400 references, where jams and spices are the stars products.

熱銷產品 | Bestsellers

  • 海洋三藻混合香料 40g

       Marin mix with 3 Algae 40g

  • 聖雅克扇貝抹醬 90g
    St-Jacques scallop rillettes 90g 

  • 洛林米拉貝爾李子果醬 280g

       Extra Lorraine Mirabelle plum jam 280g​

  • 山毛櫸木煙燻頂級沙丁魚 110g

       Vintage Brisling Sardines Smoked over

       Beechwood 110g